Wont be on for a while

I wont be on for a while as I really want to finish my book, and Saints row 3 is so god damn addictive :confused:

I might come on for like 5 mins or if there’s an avo attack or some shit

Alright :frowning:

cya :frowning: now would also be a good time to say I won’t be on so much for similar(ish) reasons. Let’s just say exams are a pain in the ass…

Also, what book is it?

The book informed you about in June or someshit

wut? lol

Doesn’t really matter… :stuck_out_tongue:

She mentioned she was writing a book some months ago, but I too, do not know what it is. A fantasy novel I think. Either way, that is an amazing project your working on. Good luck!

OH finish the book you’re WRITING! I thought you meant you were reading a really good book you wanted to finish :stuck_out_tongue:


Good luck! Hope to see you back soon.

Good Luck… I would buy it but it probably won’t ship to Canada.

Meh, I’d probably have it on kindle first :3