Won't be on as much.

Normally I’m online from 8am to 11pm London time, I started writing some books and turns out it’s not that boring! So yeah, wont be on as much.

I wrote a book once… it was about fairies… turns out I was copying my fairly odd parents from cbbc

Wow. Hope you’ll share it with us :smiley:

Thats cool vai. Make sure to share em with us when youre done.
Its interesting how you like gaming and writing books even though theyre two totally different things

For me, it’s the same thing, you sit behind a computer for it :smiley:

i tried writing a book i got to the fourth page then forgot about it i later deleted the only copy to save some memory, i then deleted word intirelly from my macbook

Attached part of my book. It’s kind of glitched out, it sort of deleted part of a page…

Some things might not make sense, as I once wrote my book at 4 in the morning.

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I fixed all the grammar for you :slight_smile:

[attachment deleted by admin due to data loss]