Wom sucks BAWLS!

hey my woms not working why?? when i log in the screen tells you that its conecting. then the loading bar thing is at 0 WTF??? can somone tell me whats going on? I NEED TO GET ON CLASSIC!!! IM SOOOO BOREDDDD!!!

No – Thats not WoM – thats an issue on Kyle’s end i believe


Not sure if I had an issue or not. Server was up and running, but after 8 hours, no one had joined…

Did a restart on it, and people joined instantly. I think the process crashed, yet was still displaying fine.

That WILL happen sometimes, but if it was an illegal name error, it is pretty easy to fix. I’ll explain that if I need to.

ok sometimes i find that if i am connected to minecraft via anything else it doesn’t fully work

Have you seen what minecraft is doing now on their website? They trying to get people to try the demo instead of classic.

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