WoM client not working. Help?

Ight so im not very sure if i placed this in the right section, but I kinda want help with my WoM. It is not working. I have reinstalled it, and updated my Minecraft.jar.

“there are no servers that can validate your username” is the message i get when i try to log in to WoM

Please help!

thanks :slight_smile:

Me too i think its a bug from wom self please correct me if im wrong

Um, what lemon? I too have been having difficulty with WOM. My solution is to re-enter my password each time and try several times. It’s stupid and slow, but from what I hear it is WOM’s fault. I can’t do the “resume” button at all. I have to search for my server every time now.

If you have a fix for this, let me know.

ok what i normaly do is i uncheck all the boxes shown the type my name and p/word in double click both the boxes (remember me and valid) then it normaly takes atleast 2-3 goes then i get in maybe try that


WOM sounds like a PITA (pain in the ass)

Why not just stick with the Vanilla Client?

I had just not encountered that lemon. Interesting…

Shadow, there is just no way in hell I would stop using WOM. Once you are used to the freedom of movement WOM allows, vanilla classic is just too slow. To me, this is especially true when we have to monitor large areas on different maps. Having noclip is also extremely useful.

Ok problem solved solved for me

well i will have to look into it. maybe i will end up enjoying it as well

This is not Nick_inc account. This is SwordMaster_ account. So no

Sorry to Bump this, but i am still having problems. When i log into my classic account w/ my email, i get “Illegal name” when i log into my account w/ SwordMaster_ it cant find any servers to validate it. I have updated my WoM to 2.0.8 and i am still having this problem. Any solutions yet?

Wow this is an older thread. I posted a solution to all the problems WOM was suffering from a while back but seems like I never updated here.

All you need to do is get this:


The link explains what it does, but it is a modified version of WOM that simply works. This guy even updates still. Get WOM as normal, download this add-on and drop it into your WOM folder. That is basically all that is needed.

Ahh Thanks Kyle!