Winter Expo!

Fa La La La La La
'Tis the season for the

2019 PCB Winter Expo!

Players can form teams of up to four people and showcase their creativity in building beautiful and festive winter scenery! You will receive a 50x50 plot and will have one month to build!
Make sure to post the names of your team members down below!

The event is at /warp WinterExpo2019

The Expo has 9 plots for players who would like to join in solo or build together for a
Maximum of 4 players per team
Expo Rules

  1. Teams can only have 4 players max, feel free to go solo if you want to.
  2. You will only the month of December to build.
  3. Only ONE plot is allowed per team
  4. You may only build in the plot your team has chosen.
  5. Build within the snow plot, anything outside will not be judged.
  6. World Edit is not allowed.

Your team will be judged on these four points:

  • Quality of the build
  • Originality, (No Youtube Tutorials)
  • Creativity in the Winter Theme
  • Team Spirit / Good Sportsmanship

Your final piece as a team will be judged by your’s truly: @Ouhai_Ruby @Emfitty , and myself, @Vexnorz as the judging panel.



  • A 1st place Christmas Expo forum medal to be added next to your banner, and a pick from the Game Prize Pool.
  • A 2nd place Christmas Expo forum medal to be added next to your banner.
  • A 3rd place Christmas Expo forum medal to be added next to your banner.

Have fun building, and Happy Holidays!

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I will be on a team with shibanu, Xq9_, and _Gordo

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i built santa to end all little kids dreams merry christmas!!! solo

A new challenger approaches
I’m gonna be making some nature stuff.

Team members (Might change):

  • Verajasper

I will

Cookie, Andre, Demylo and I are on a team!

R.i.p the southern hemisphere boys n beans.

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hey im gonna be in a team comprised of Me Myself and I. just to clarify it will be me in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd person working on a team.

I’m going to be making a team of Milesd04, Humuguy and Obeseman27. We will be working on a plot for this expo.

From a Far East country, I’ll come for a plot for this winter expo

Plots were filled up a lot faster than expected. I’ve added 3 new plots for any one else who’d like to join in!

I’m joining the expo in one of the new plots! It will be just me in the ‘team’

i would like a plot as well for myself “somesauce”