Windows Experience Index

After having my computer for4 months, I decided that it was time to have windows rate it. If you want, you can do the same test and post the scores below. Get to the test by: Control Panel --> System and Security --> Check the Windows Experience Index.

It is recommended to shutdown running programs on your computer to get the best results.

Here is my Build:

Also Running Windows 7 64bit OEM

Mind you, I’m on a laptop.

I was interested by this and attempted to do it myself on my issued laptop, but lo and behold; I am not able to.

5.2 for me. Yarr.

5.9 for me. My graphics are a lot better than I thought.

7.9 is max. I got 7.5 from graphics.
7.6 from HD.
7.8 from CPU and RAM.

This stuff to complicated and somewhat boring for me to even try it :I

I don’t have this option, on XP

I don’t even want to know the specs on my computer, because I know they are horrible.

Preformance on my desktop:

7.5 for me - Graphics and Gaming Graphics
7.6 - Processor
7.9 - Memory
7.9 - Hard Drive

You guys should post specs along with the information… Just a suggestion. Along with what Windows version, because it was slightly revised in Windows 8 I believe.

Adding mine now.


Held back by Disk transfer rate. Everything else is above 7.

Go find my new PC thread for my specs. CBA to find it ATM.