Windows 95/98/XP .iso File with Product License Key

Hey guys. I made this thread because I need the .iso file for either Windows 95, 98, or XP because I have some old Humungous Entertainment games I wanted to play and relieve my nostalgia. Anyway, I found some on the Internet, but none of them had the product license key, or in other words, the thing that lets Microsoft know you didn’t steal it from a store. I’m just asking if anyone had the .iso file and license key for any of the 3 operating systems that I am looking for.

Buildin’ and Searchin’ for xP

Uh. Pretty sure all you would really need is an emulator to run them. -_- Look up Emulators for XP/whatever. Not too complex.

I have a windows xp product key for a computer I took apart if u want that lol

I can send u a mail in-game with it if that is what u want

Oh yes, can you PM it to me on the forums here. Thank you so much. :smiley:

If you have windows 7, then you can use xp mode for windows to run XP, its 100% legit from microsoft

Although it only works for “Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate.”

I had thought about that, just couldnt remember what it was called.

doesn’t work if you have 64bit windows 7 im cri erryteim

… Wat. Usually it’s the other way around for programs like that lol.