Windows 8

Windows 8 Consumer Preview coming out tomorrow, I’m excited. How about you guys? Personally I think the OS has some really nice new features, especially when it comes to storage and user accounts…

Meh, I prefer 98

Is that so?

heh im just now getting an upgrade to windows 7 XD

Hate Metro UI for desktop. May not upgrade to it.

I dont know why they’re making new windows more and more earlier after the newer ones release. Windows 7 is still relatively new, and windows 8 kinda looks just like 7. Not sure what the difference is, but ima still try it out.

OS X Lion FTW. However, 7 managed to save Microsoft the huge embarassment of another vista. I shall wait to see how this turns out.

98! 98! 98! 98! 98! 98! 98! 98! 98! 98! 98!

Windows Vista isn’t even bad, the only reason people say that it is IMO is that the media gave it that tag. And Linux FTW.

I have used vista before. I hate it. Personal preference I know but :). I have never tried linux so sorry can’t judge it. Now back on topic lol, it looks too much like the Xbox 360 interface and is heading towards a mobile-look. I for one do not like it.

so in the order. its.

Ubuntu 11 Oneric Ocelot, Windows XP,ChromeOS,Windows Vista, Mac OSx Lion, Windows 7, Windows 98, Windows 8.


Can we not start this?

lol okay, sorry kyle xD

well shit O_O