Willmington City

Willmington is a city in PCB. We would like you to join our city.
Mayor - EasterKangaroo14
Vice Mayor - drecklon
Secretary - TimelordRock246
Town Judge - hairen
Builders - SebertkillerZ

I know many of you are misspelling our city because of annoying autocorrect, but lets build more buildings coz were still a WIP city.

We might be involved with the PCB Local RailSystem btw

Let me say that I am Vice Mayor and it is not finished so please can no-one use the warp and can a member of staff
please remove the warp until October?
Thank you
TimelordRock246 out!

I will remove the warp now. EDIT: Done.

I will say that I and many other people misspell the city as “Wilmington” (one L) because that’s the conventional spelling of the name. In fact, if you search “Willmington” (two L’s) on Google, it will attempt to correct it to “Wilmington” (one L): https://www.google.com/#q=willmington.

this reminds me of when robin had his little faction thing going on in farcoast, in which i was secretary of defense

or at least a private warp just 4 me and other people such as willmington staff until october

"private"warps don’t exist. It’s a warp where everyone can go to.
You can make sure at least 1 person has a sethome there who you can tpa to.

then time lord is lazy coz he says he’s not ready 4 one and I’m ready and need one

I suggest you guys do a vote for who wants the warp and who doesn’t.

why am i a builder xd ?

I’m afraid I’m not ready, and neither is Wilmington. If u have a problem, please complain to EasterKangaroo14

Irrelevant. On last check, the town was not fit for a warp - as Timelord has already stated.

idk spllat ask time lord


  • I am trying to plan a bigger Willmington and divide it do 4 parts, just like New York.

Here are the 4 parts:

Courtbay - Court, Jail, CoasterTrooper Theme Park
Sachiville - Downtown
Wicker County - Taiga Forest
unnamed part - built by Noyoa

trying to make other plans

Just want to clarify that this is the official willmington thread.

So please:

If you have anything at all to say that involves willmington, say it in here. I and many others are sick of seeing constant new threads about willmington.
Thank You For Your Co-Operation.

where is wilmington now

Please don’t necro posts, both maps were rolled back ages ago.

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