Will not be on for a while...

Well i’d thought to tell you guys that i wont be on for quite some time. My computer kinda went poopy on itself so now when i play minecraft it lags really bad :frowning:

Also their are a lot of new amazing games coming out that are just to addicting to play. (Halo, assassins creed, saints row, BF3, Gears of war…) Kinda might be hooked for a while on those… :o

But dont you worry i will try my hardest to get on when im at school! Even though school internet is EHHH. So if your wondering why i haven’t been on lately is cause of that :o

Oh i most likely will be on when 1.9 is released :stuck_out_tongue:


Whats the problem? is it just a virus or something?

I get just a overheating problem every few months or so because my PC is a slim tower so it gets dusty allot faster and stores more heat, whenever things start lagging i just hover it out and all is well again =].

Check your CPU and gpu heat with http://www.almico.com/speedfan445.exe or anyother sensor program, check that your heats are down.

If it isn’t that then clean up your harddrive! ;), a clean harddrive is a happy one.

Good advice. I suggest trying a scan with Malwarebytes. It seems to catch much that others do not. Good luck.

Oh, and Optifine may help ya too!

How to fix nearly all computer problems: Format Hard Drive.

I doubt its any other part hard drives are fairly unreliable and well they can get crap stored in them. Try defragging too may help speed the system up.

Formatting will erase all the contents of the drive so only do if you need to.

I know its not a virus, and im pretty sure my pc is tip top clean. My pc isnt the type of pc that was really made for gaming in the first place, when i got it minecraft would lag bad, but i fixed it somehow after a while. But i guess now it decides not to work properly.