Will Not Be On As Often

I don’t usually make ‘goodbye/won’t be on as often’ posts but I wanted to feel important let you all know that I’m not gonna be on as much cause school starts very, very soon. I will still try to be on because I love you guys and I’m just happy that I came back to PCB this year and made so many new friends :slight_smile:

If you ever need me, just call and I will restore your soul :smiley:


You see? He understands you can’t properly leave PCB.

@Asmodean_ <3

Cya soon Epic! Miss ya. =)


cya soon, I need someone else to go to the strip club with me.
and dont you DARE forget about Matty B’s Massachusetts Experience (AKA The Massholes)

come back soon >:-)

Cya Oskar, I won’t be on either but I’ll See you on the fuck palace to fuck each other XD. Jkjk

Anyways, Cya in a while mate :wink:

See you soon

I will miss seeing you Vince.

Vince, and a few other people, is someone I know who wouldn’t mind going to a gentlemen’s club with me, or Joe. Also, I wouldn’t mind going to gentlemen clubs with you, Joe, and I’m sure Ryan (SuhDude) would join us too.