Will be innactive a bit for a while.

Moved out of my friend Bowsero3’s house, and moved back in with my mom. That means no Internet, and that same day my computer broke. So, until I get my computer fixed, and then find a way of getting Internet back in at my house, I may be a bit less active for a bit. But this isn’t me saying farewell, I’m working on this getting fixed as quickly as possible and will play on Bowsero’s computer when I get a chance.

I hope things are gonna be better off with you at least with you mom! You said you hadn’t seen her in a while (or maybe I’m thinking of another player), but regardless a move is a move; they are never easy. Don’t worry about us Kurry, take the time you need to re-establish your move, your time with your mom, and getting a new pc. Hope to see you back soon :slight_smile:

Gah! Sorry to hear about your recent issues. I know I am not myself when something bad happens to my computer. Panic mode!

We will see you soon I bet.

Thank you Cherrbear!~ <3 And you are thinking of the correct person, I rarely do see her since I’m never actually home home. I pretty much have all my stuff at my moms, but my computer and such is at bowsero’s and I pretty much live here at all times. But we’ve been fussing at eachother from being aroundone another so much so I moved my comp and stuff back to my moms and when I got home and tried plugging my comp in, it wouldn’t turn on. :<

So, going tomorrow to drop both my comps off and hoping they can fix both.
And like you said Kyle; I am definitely on panic mode. I carry my desktop around like it’s an iPod. People in my town much think I’m insane, I walk my computer from my mom’s to bowsero’s at least twice a week. Rain, sleet, hail or snow. I hope they can fix it, if they have to tell me my computer is fried, I think I’m literally gonna open the portal to the gates of Hell.

Well, a lot of us here are tech experts of sorts. I kinda specialize in fixing broken computers. Too bad I can’t see it in person. If you can get it online though, I can remote in and fix issues you may have.

As long as your hard drives of important info are okay, anything else can be replaced.

If that’s not a metaphor it MIGHT explain why your computer is broken…

In my home theres switches that turn on certain outlets. have you tried other outlets?
^thats as much tech knowledge i own