Thank you Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia! You brought me here!

Dafuq? :o

A wikipedia spambot?
I think I’ll leave it alone unless it gets worse :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that a thing? Wikipedia hardly needs more awareness…

Kick the wiki punch the wiki

I saw this earlier, pulled up the profile and this topic ready to ban and delete but… couldn’t bring myself to do it. I just stared at the post wondering what It could mean…

I take a break from the Forums for 2 days…Im so confused…

You have spambots, that advertise wares nobody wants, like dresses or shoes or pills, because obviously everyone has the small dingledangle problem. It is impossible to understand why someone would buy something from a spambot, or how someone could have possibly stooped so low to use them.

You have spambots that shove paragraphs of chinese text through google translate, twice if possible, and then attempt to get people to buy stuff, their intentions barely visible under the massive layers of incomprehensible text. Only the occasional '60% off nike sneakers" brings some order into the chaos and reminds you that, despite the appearance of the post, the spambot actually has a function besides talking bullshit.

And then you have THIS.
A spambot that doesn’t say much, but somehow can be more mystifying than either of its cousins. An AI that sends the minds of sane men into disarray. What is it trying to say? Why, of all things, is it advertising wikipedia? One post of these spambots is potent enough to drive at least 10 philosophers mad and send them to the mental asylum, and confuse an entire forum.

Also this spambot is cool, I like it, can we keep him?

I like him too. These are the questions that keep me up at night.

Def keep.

Should we give him a nick name? NahFliellgag isnt really that catchy

Something catchy xD

and congrats on kicking the habit!

I already knew all these facts about Wikipedia and it does make me appreciate it much more but this bot amuses me… also what if it wasn’t a bot and it was just a random guy who was just like “WHA WHA WHAAAATT WIKIPEDIA DOES ALL THIS!!! I have to tell EVERYEONE!!!” then went on a spree to tell every forums in the universe about Wikipedia’s generosity and how you should all donate to them. OR… This is a guy who made a fake website and when you go to donate to Wikipedia you are actually donating to his Paypal and he is trying to make a bunch of money off of this scam just because he found out about the fact of Wikipedia and wants to use it for himself. … or its just a boring ol’ bot from Wikipedia trying to advertise its generosity or some shit. Lets call him\it Bob.

why did he also fill in Mailadress etc… werid as hell,