Why i cant get trainee did my app not went trough or something i wanna work DAMN hard for it

When did you send the app?

It was… 1 week ago i think

Oh, you may want to repost, we were in the middle of de-bugging the system

Did it its not totally good i couldnt see some questions
And username must be 05ocram05 i filled that but he says ocram -,-


And to me, you don’t give off the maturity level of staff acceptance.

Brodur, not telling you what to do, but let’s save it for the app mate.

Ok ok, im dropping it shad :stuck_out_tongue:


Once your application has been submitted we will look at it and decide if you deserve the position. If yes, you get the position about a week after submitting the app. If no, nothing changes and everyone carries on as if nothing happened.