i do want to be un-banned i also do want to see why i was banned can, someone please tell me?

… lemme get this straight, you dont want to be unbanned but you post a ban appeal… explain this to me

I can already infer a lot just from that alone

You were banned for Griefing >:( , does that satisfy you?

but i didn’t grief show me proof!

you dont want to be unbanned so why do you want proof that you griefed clearly you do want to be unbanned if you care so much

i feel like locking this and letting you two continue the convo over PM so we dont get a huge shitstorm on the website again

The proof is block history my friend ::slight_smile:

show me a picture of the block history and yes i do want to be un-banned. Because i don’t believe i have griefed everything.

You spammed water on the roof of the house of rock. Care to explain it and i will unban you. Il go grab the pics right now if you want proof

[attachment deleted by admin due to data loss]

i can explane ok me and vaiovista was flying around when we found this house (house of rock) then we decided to stay there and fend off stuff to get money. Saddly the zombies and spiders ect got to close and vaio was about to die outside so i put water on the roof so it would flow down and save vaio. That is my explanation Hard24Get. But i sadly forgot to remove the water source (because i had to go to bed sorry for messing it up) and sorry for your loss the two awsome zombies (i saw the graves).

That is true, I didn’t see him place the water though… but block history doesn’t lie.

This is really off topic but Hard can you link that texture pack? :smiley:

so am i un-banned???

Whu its GoodMorningCraft. Hard or Vai its your call.

Alright, I’m in a good mood, So I’ll unban you.