Why is the server everyday lagging

Its verry annoying that the server must be restarted every day i hope
You can fix it guys.


the amount of guests and the constant undoing and banning i guess.

the poll made no sense what-so-ever related to the original post…so i edited it

Much nicer poll Sword. My vote was for OP+ to have it. We tried SOP+ for a while but resets did not occur often enough.

Just go easy on them. They have been known to freeze the server and not let anyone in. AKA, use /serverreport to check how the server is doing.

I just set the command to OP, so now you guys can check before a restart.

Use it after a reset to see the stats of what the server’s best is. Usually when the server is lagging, the CPU is at 13% for some reason.

the end result:
SOP+. 0 votes (0%)
OP+. 1 vote. (25%)
Trainee. 2 votes(50%)
Console. 0 votes (0%)
I dont care 0 votes (0%)
Im confused whats going on 1 vote (25%)

Voting locks and poll removed