why is server dsown?

the guest server is downa nd me n my friend just spent a week and 12 hours in building our fortress and the server was down 2day. Btw how can we have our stuff saved or somehing? and sometime could someone review our place?

I am not sure, but i am wondering the same thing, though i would say Fatso’s connection is messed up and he cant get it up right now… also… the server was up yesterday but was messed up.

Also the thing is im able to use my good comp now =(

Fatso’s interwebs sucks like a playboy bunny vacuuming a suction cup. Fatso also has a life beyond the internet. I do believe at the time you wrote this he could have been doing something for Easter. A combonation of these things has probably caused this. By the way it auto-saves every 2 minutes I believe. So your stuff is saved.

yes that is a very possible answer… i guess i can go play something else all night =D

Just in case you’re trying to connect at the wrong time:

The server is up daily from about 4pm untill 11pm or something. It sometimes varies. Weekends and holidays I believe the server goes up earlier, about 10am-midday, but i am not sure.