why im i banned...

banned ? not sure why ? never been banned before…kinda confused…

We found the entire map covered in lava with your name on it. You were also afk holding a bukkit of lava in the air when I found you. I assumed someone had hacked into your account? The exact same thing happened to sephiroth as well at a similar time today.

Are you running a custom client? You may have been keylogged

Im runnin a minecraft.jar one of my mates gave me, cause i dont know how to install some of mods like zombe and stuff, and hes a major nerd so i let him do it for me…i dident even go on minecraft today untill last night and found my self banned…

If that is the case we will unban you when:

  • You remove the custom client
  • You change your password
  • You yell at your friend for a bit
  • Do a virus scan for any key loggers

Let us know, and we’ll unban you.

That’s a nice friend you have there :frowning: If I were you, I would eat his face.

I told my friend and he laugheed at me :’( but yeh, ive changed my mc password, force updated my mc, and run two virus scans with two diffrent programs, and yes i had a few virus’s but they got deleted :slight_smile:

If you acknowledge you’ve done everything _specialk asked then I believe it’s safe to unban you.