Why I have not been on in a while.

If any of you want to know why I haven’t been on, feel free to ask why in the comments section. Feel free to go to my houses in freebuild, they look alike but with different material.


Because something happened on my wrist, and it has to go down. Spread the word.

Ok I will

This has to be one of the strangest posts announcing absence I’ve read.

“Hey. I haven’t been on, but I’m not going to tell you unless you ask.”

Then the explanation basically just being

“Wrist injury”

Why not just explain everything in the first post if it’s that simple…?

Meh. Each to their own.

Damnet Liam. The plot was thickining then you had to come along with your “logic”. For once could you not be the voice of reason and just enjoy the show.

From what I can tell from this thread, it sounds like you were cutting your wrists? I’m not sure what your situation is (or if my guess is correct), but if you have been suffering from depression, suicidal thoughts, etc., I would strongly advise you to find help.

There are people in your life that definitely care about you (if you make your feelings clear to them, it will become clear that people care). There are people in this server community that I’m sure are willing to talk with you, and chances are that somebody in this massive server community has gone through what you’ve gone through, so don’t feel alone either.

However, if you want help, and if you want comfort, I suggest you talk privately with people. Making a thread asking for attention is not the best way to ask people to talk to you about it, and it makes you look like all you want is attention, when that’s probably not the case.

Anyways, if you want to talk about whatever’s on your mind, I’m open for discussion. You can PM me if you want to talk with me privately and I’ll get back to you ASAP, or continue to tell us what’s on your mind in this thread if you want.

Or if I’m completely misreading this situation, sorry.

NEVER! Now, I shall continue.

Or he fell off a bike?

But if she’s right, then yeah, what she said.

No, I haven’t been cutting my wrist, I just have a bump on it. Angel, never think that.

Ok good to know. Ill spread the word.

With your profile description stating

“Life is NO joke. Spread kindness and intelligence.”

It kinda did make me think that. Not telling you to change it lol, just saying

I’d rather read a false positive than a false negative. Good to know you’re okay, and hope your wrist feels better. :stuck_out_tongue:

Positive is correct. I want to start a city, and if any of you want to help with builds, notify me. Thanks, and have a wonderful day! :wink:

You sure?..

Would you rather think you’re not pregnant, and be pregnant (surprise!), or would you rather think you’re pregnant, freak out, and end up not being pregnant (phew)?

Assuming you didn’t want a child.

I’ve actually dealt with someone who was trying to gather attention online and having suicidal thoughts, etc. Everybody only noticed the signs, postmortem, after his face popped up on the local news channel.

Have a nice day, and don’t get pregnant, kids.

I’m only 11. Don’t say that, but spread the word on my absence.

Guys, I have something to tell you. I’m pregnant (sorry, Angel)

It’s okay, I already knew. ::slight_smile:

Is it a boy or is it a girl?

…Everyone knows that if the man gets pregnant, it’ll be a boy, and vice-versa. Did you NOT take Sex-Ed?..

hopefully it heals quickly! get better soon!