Why i cant get a staff rank

Why i cant get a staff rank? Whats the reason? Do u dont trust me?

Do u think its to hard for me? Tell me what i need to do please?
I want only a chance on classic

It may not just be you ocram. Most all apps of late have been turned down. Don’t feel too bad about it. Give it some time and try again later. Don’t rush though, it gets annoying if people ask too often.

Id have to agree with Kyle. We do trust you cram, its just your apps havent been good enough. Ive been denied for SMP/CMP 3 times :stuck_out_tongue:

Kyle i agree with u but it cames a bot trough what zesty said im my topic “why…” look if u wanna see it

Ocram, I did not understand most of what you just wrote. Did I not answer my opinion of why you were not approved?

Whatever the reason was it will not be discussed outside the appropriate staff board.

True. Specifics about anyone’s app are classified. I was just speaking in general as I have not seen almost any apps pass in a while.

This is your second or third post like this. If you want a quick summary, here. You’ve not been given a staff rank because you’re deemed unsuitable for a staff position, making posts like these only makes you look more needy than more deserving.

On a side note, we generally look at applicants that can speak English fluently, and use proper grammar. I’m pointing this out because I have no idea what you said in your past posts.

(If you’re going to call out grammatical errors and spelling mistakes you may want to learn how to spell position Hard [size=11px]ಠ_ಠ )


Double LOL

Sorry, I’m kind of not in the right state of mind anymore. And it might be a while until I get back to normal.

Oh god that sentence, right in the grammar Hard, right in the grammar.

Jesus, give him a break ggg, no need to poke a corpse.

Bottom line Cram, i would agree with Hard here. your multiple whiney post are not helping your cause at all. i thought you were Admin somewhere else?

if nothing else, these post seem childish and impetuous, something you should maybe reflect on and try to fix.

I’m just teasing him, calm down Shadow.

sorry, ive been a bit testy myself latly… :-\

Lack of Minecraft will do that to a man…

maybe its MC withdrawl