Why does Ohio have to be so trashy

Yesterday night 4 cars in my new neighborhood got broken into simultaneously and the police didn’t even try to find out who it was, gotta love Ohio. Can’t wait to move back to Georgia I am gonna move back on the 2’nd of November :D!

GODDAMNIT! they didn’t listen to my instructions properly… I told them to break into the HOUSES not the cars…

dude, Indianas just as bad as that, my van got broken into, we lost a 100+ dollar gps, and they say"well, theres no evidence of a cetain person. sorry." and thats it!

It’s the midwest. That’s why. There’s been car thefts in our neighborhood as well, the cops haven’t even boosted up security since it happened.

Theres car theft everywhere. I must say in my area they cant steal the cars so they set them on fire instead. Happened to my aunts car and the tires exploded at 2am in the morning I nearly shat myself becuase it sounded like gun shots lol

We dont have to worry about people breaking into our trucks in texas. One we have chuck norris, and two not even black people are tall enough to get in

speaking of gunshots me and mcc were once playing in his backyard with a ball, it was kicked into the street and later we heard something that sounded like a gunshot, then we realized it was probably ran over and blew up.

I live like 3 clicks from whats called “The coops” in my town (AKA where all the poor aboriginals live) and crime has been down lately ever scince one night the bust into every car they could ;D