Whos more attractive?

The name says it all, whos more attractive, Joe (jmvvana) or Ryan (SoFlyRyRy)?
help us settle some age old beef
please dont vote to be funny, be real with us. WHO LOOKS BETTER



Kill ur self

not gonna lie ur pretty hot babes.

sorry ry, but we both know ive gotta vote for my boo

Russian bias.


“How could this happen to me.”

I am disappointed that ryan isnt winning by a landslide

Thanks babe.

Joe es muy feo, pero ryan es muy guapo.

Voted for the Logitech G430 gaming headset.

I voted for you Musso :wink:

SoFlyRyRy eres Español?


seeing that we have 25 votes, I’ll go ahead and lock the poll up. Thank you for voting everyone

1st place. Joe
2nd place. Ryan
3rd place. Potato (it had one vote before being removed)

I think Trump looks the best of everyone.
I mean his hair is fabulous

I do think everyone knows that Ferf is the real winner, though.

I know in your hearts you would have all voted for me, but I’m always that unspoken choice so I guess Joe will do. I didn’t vote for neither cause youre both ugly AF <3