Who tf bought all my cobble and dirt?

Okay so I have a store in the Market called Dirt Cheap, right? I’ve been away for a week, only to come back and find that 2 large chests full, repeat, TWO LARGE CHESTS FULL of cobble and dirt is completely gone.

Firstly, I’m in denial that someone actually bought dirt.

Secondly, is this just a joke and some OP removed all the stuff?

Thirdly, I now have to find a way to restock.

Someone please explain XD

Has your economy balance changed? If so, someone bought all your dirt.

According to your economy stats, some players have bought dirt from your store in the last few hours.

Also, type “/csn history” in the game chat to check your latest sales.


shows what you have sold and who bought it

scroll to lower right Pollux bought your dirt

Resolved, -Locked