Who deleted my hotel?

Well, it’s been a while since I’m back at the server, but when I was going to continue my Hotel Project, it’s gone… :S It’s replaced by something, and now I don’t have any projects to build… So, who deleted my Hotel without permission? :S

Not I, but can’t you retrieve it from the museum? You would have to find a new place to put it, but it can be recovered. You might even be able to find who did it if the records are in the museum.

For future reference, the command is: /museum (map name) (number of backup)

Once there, you can use /copy and /paste to do just that. Remember that when you paste, it goes from the first corner you clicked when copying. I usually copy from the lowest point because of that.

What I really want to know was who deleted it, I can recover it any time I want. And btw, I can’t put it anywhere anymore, no space. :S