Which town do I make?

I’ve done several different experiments over the last week and a bit in the aim of designing my prospective PCB city, and come up with two different ideas I really like and now I can’t decide on which I want to build so I thought I’d bring them to the public and let you guys choose.

First off, we have Serenity Meadows.

An exclusive gated estate, Serenity Meadows is a town for the rich. Soaring carved facades and sumptuous grand mansions dotted through a landscape of manicured gardens present a picture perfect lifestyle.

A prototype town hall is below;

The other option is Sidhe; Sidhe is a town of magic, inspired by the faeries and ‘little people’ of ireland who dwelt in mounds covered palaces after being banished from the surface world.

Yes the screenshots are terrible. Sorry. They look better in real life.

i like em both, but personally find picture perfect stuff and the ‘rich lifestyle’ overrated :stuck_out_tongue: fairies, myths, magic and adventures all the way! therefore i cast my vote with Sidhe

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