Which of these giveaways do you prefer?

I may run out of diamonds one day, remember. But the others I will most likely have lots of.

I’ma take a guess and say that broderp is going to vote (or already has voted) for the Iron.

Nahman, I’m a scrouge. I ain’t new so that means I don’t get any iron. So if I don’t, no one should.

Im with bardar for the lols

I’m a scrooge for the lulz. I saw that in the options and just had to click it. I really vote for iron to help people out. Free diamonds is a bit much and it helps fewer people.

I think iron would be the most helpful to people because if you gave out a diamond every 2 days the likely hood of you getting 1 is slim

I think it is better to give resources and Jobs then stuff >,> at least then they learn to walk on their own

Wow, you guys suck. 7 people think I shouldn’t give people some random, cheap stuff?

Helping them is worth more then giving them stuff

But giving them stuff AND helping them is worth more than helping them

guys, come on!! noobs need stuff these days like my sister, lulurox05. :wink:

In farcoast, I give out random stuff i have too much of or just random stuff that may be valuable…i currently have a stack and a half of iron blocks…

Sword, can you guess who wants some of those? If not, it’s a ban for you!

Nice one guys. Say goodbye for free stuff forever.

I don’t really think people were taking the scrooge option too seriously. As I wrote, the option just beckoned me. As long as you or anyone helps in moderation, giving out stuff is fine. It can ruin the fun if we make the game too easy for players but some help is good.