I was banned for “Cool It” I was made at someone cuz they were building in my neighborhood and i was pissed could a told them to stop already. I shouldnt be banned for someone someone else did.

You and the other player would not stop long enough to explain and answer questions as to what was going on. Yu kept ranting, and ranting. Take your time off to collect your self, and explain here what was going on.

You came on with an alt yesterday (CopperPelican) and immediately said “I WAS BANNED BUT I SHOULDN’T BE SO UNBAN ME”. Bypassing a ban is against the rules; if you were banned you are meant to stay off the server.
I told you to make an appeal. This is not an appeal. Go to the form, make an appeal in the proper format, explaining the situation in detail while remaining calm and mature, and you may get unbanned.