Where do you live?

Just curious.

And please, no addresses :smiley:

That is one heck of an impressive sig you got there!

I live in California. I am almost always on between my midnight to seven am. Yes, this is crazy hours, but my job and school take up a lot of time.

I live in England just north of London

California about 45 minutes away from Sacramento

I live in that place with the buildings and the people

When do you sleep? lol oh and thank you. :slight_smile:

Btw sorry for editing your post - I keep on pressing “edit” instead of “reply” stupid touchscreen.


Would that be The town?

I’m soon to be (probably after the test results are given) moving to California


haha love your achievement signature it’s epic! :smiley:

Texas brosephalonerkiloonies, its temperature ranges and fluxuations make me hat it here, thinkin bout movin to florida or alaska when i move out, also guys, what colleges/universities/other do yall plan on goin to? i wanta go to princeton or yale, maybe oxford

Blanco texas. Texas A&M.

Not with that grammar your not,ggg.:stuck_out_tongue:

NJ, All Day!

Pump Fists, Not Gas.

Come at me Bro!

Canada is the best duh :smiley:

Canada is not the best country, because justin bieber came from it.

I can only hope you are joking…



What is Canada?
Oh, you mean that extremely large country above me that never does anything?
I like Canada…
Do they have good food in Canada?

True dat’ XD