Where am I?

Following in Yomi’s footsteps, this is a competition to find out where I am for 10 days!

However only post if you are entering the competition, and DO NOT EDIT POSTS so I can easily find the winners…

First prize : 100$ in game money
Second prize : a house at half price in Arcachon WHICH YOU HAVE TO BUY - no excuses!

So good luck guys! I’ll try to make it hard for detective Ducky!

or you travelling or at 1 points? are you going to give clues etc?

london, england

Sorry I couldn’t compress my photos but it’s alright now so GOGO

Gonna go with Brazil as Brazil produce the largest amount of oranges per year in Ze world…

Nevermind, the top right word in the pic (móbilis) is part of the galacian language. This is a language used in the north west of Spain but also in Portugal. Portugal being famous for thier oranges that’s where I am gonna go… Portugal is my answer!

I’m gonna go with Valencia (Spain) because of one clue on that pic I’ll keep to myself. :wink:

You posted as I modified my post…

Valencia. That wasn’t too hard, a quick google search of móbilis gave me it. A móbilis card is basically a train ticket that lets you use the whole of Valencia’s train system.

Considering the size of the card (relative to your thumb) and the style of writing matching those of the examples on the EMT Valencia website, you definitely have a móbilis card. You could just be using us to completely throw us off track, however.

Well at least I tried…