When classic goes away

Sorry if this is in the wrong spot but it has something to do with survival.

So i got to thinking, When classic goes away, Can Classic SOP+ get coloured names? Where as all the ranks below (minus guests. Obvious reasons) get a starting kit when/if they buy full minecraft? I dont exactly know the rules for this colour thing.

What are your thoughts, I do realize most/all Classic SOPSs are mod+ and have coloured names. Ive talked to people about that in a way.

Classic rank transfers are only one way. SM/CM -> Classic
Sorry to burst your bubble :stuck_out_tongue:

And coloured names aren’t allowed anymore. For anyone.

they havent been allowed in a year and a half, but some people cant read…


I must have said this at least 15 times by now.

Coloured names should not be allowed. They make it confusing for guests as they can’t necessarily tell what rank someone is as there is no uniform formatting.

So then should we start cracking down on people with colored names? The command should be removed altogether as well.

Are we finding people with colored names in classic? I know I made an exception for two brothers that were playing that had nearly the same name. It was REALLY hard to distinguish their chat from one another. Wait, that was a nickname I gave them, not color.

Just remove odd colors if you have the ability to. It is not too big of a deal though.

Not Classic…Just classic players on the main server…

Just a suggestion: If possible could ops and mods have a slightly different coloured names (or completely different-whatever floats your boat-) because Liam did say that guests should be able to clearly distinguish player ranks. :wink:

this is already starting in a different post Riiza