What's Going On With The Classic Server?

Hey, nobody is on classic and i can’t connect. What’s Going On? ???

Ok, Just Wanting To Know Thanks.

I had restarted it earlier because of lag issues, it has not come up since… =/

Well PLEASE get it up soon :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont have control over that… That’s Kyle’s job >.>

[move]Get it up Kyle![/move]

Testing out the forum features I see? :stuck_out_tongue:

And considering it went down after a restart from within the server, maybe we shouldn’t do that any more…

I was busy for the last 9 hours of work followed by 6 of school… I wish someone had messaged me on steam! It has been running this whole time!

I just thought I would check the server, when I see the log shows the last post at noon… It’s 6 am now…
Steam me or PM me! Hell, call me even! (need to give out phone number to someone first though.)

one more issue im haveing. i was just on, and tried to ban a griefer. and his ass is still there. i tried banning him again, and it said he was already banned??? any suggestion?

ah well thanks a ton for clearing that up Zesty. ill get right on it

lawl. im adding this to my page and a half of classic commands XD

We don’t tend to use /xban as it also ip bans the player, which can be unfair if they have siblings that use the server also. Just use /ban, /xundo, then do whatever you want to them. Troll them, try and make them fix stuff before banning or undoing maybe, we don’t care xD

ill keep taht in mind for next time
i had Italian come on and help me out with a griefing problem that i had in guestcity.

OK WOW. I meant to post this 10 hours ago. I guess I was so tired that I forgot to hit the “Post” button. It was still sitting here.

Update: I have still not made it to bed yet. I had a computer repair job scheduled for 7am. It is now 12:30pm. Just got home.

NOW, I am tired. PS. Just reset classic again.