What you think of a new rank?

sometimes there are larg griefing. So I think: Maybe there can come a new rank; Quard!
They build nothing but the fly round a world if they find a griefer they can ban / kick him!
Quards can ban, kick. send you to jail.

I hope this is a good idea!?

Greetings Stefanminecraft

Ops already do that. They don’t need to build anything, they just moderate. (Unless they want to, and start a project.) It’s kinda boring that they cant do anything besides take out griefers.

i agree, there would be no point in this rank, it is basically an op that cant build much

I like it! It’s a great idea. It seems that OPs are never on anyway, and I am one! Oh and the name’s a bit wierd. But anyway I like it.

Most people don’t realise, but I gave Adv Builders the ability to kick and tempban :slight_smile:

Edit by fer: Its actually ProBuilder+ Andy :wink:

if they want build, they can build! But they need to look very much around him

as they want build they go build… But they need look very well around a world.

And, what is tempban?

A ban which only lasts a specified duration (eg. 1 hour)

[glow=red,2,300]make like an spawn jail there you summon griefers
or jail them hig in the sky and make them die(that command that makes you die when you fall some scuares)[/glow]

OPs already have the ability to /jail griefers. We used to have a jail for them, but it does not matter. Once they are jailed, they cant build or destroy anything.

As for killing them, what’s the point? All it would do is respawn them.


Not to mention that killing them lots will spam the chat box

oh yeah dident think about it! but like a ‘‘teleportjail’’ you spawns at teleportblocks and will keep teleporting until you tp someone :smiley:

Lol, I was thinking of an endless loop jail, where you teleport to one teleporter block and on to the next. But sadly, it turns out that even one person in that loop can dramatically lag the server. As experienced lol