What will happen to classic players

Hello I have know about this for a few days and was trying to figure out how to word this.

As some of you may know, Classic is gonna be non existent in a few or more years. MCForge is not updating, and some people cant get onto the MCForge console now. (Information about MCForge came from angeloflovex3)

My question is, what will happen to the classic ops and classic players? will there be some sort of perks for classic staff? any perk for classic players and builder+?

Im actually quite curious on this.

Before you ask, YES the classic side of minecraft will be going away.

Also, do you think Mojang will update classic to 1.8.1 (old release) or just be non existent?


oh, I guess this explains why I couldn’t log onto the classic sever…

The Future of MCForge
Apr 02 2013 01:23 AM | 303i in News

The time has finally come. Classic support has officially been dropped. Any plans we had for MCForge 6 classic have been discarded and all that remains in the MCForge’s github is the MCLawl version and Chattery plugin. Both are under a public license so feel free to mess around with them.

We will NOT be providing legacy support for the software, but maybe some other people in the community will help you out with your problem!
We would like to thank you all for supporting the software and sticking with us till the very end, but with every Hello contains within itself the echoes of its own Goodbye. We do have plans for what we will do with this site and the community as a whole in the coming weeks, but those are going to be kept a surprise.

Once again, thank you to everyone in the classic community, we couldn’t have made it this far without you.
Community Manager

Hmm, well this is sad news. The only perk classic staff would really be eligible for would be trusted. Most classic staff is already staff in SMP etc as it is. It would only affect a few individuals. Perhaps we can grant them items as part of their start up package or something?

tears up

So this is where the classic legacy has fallen to this recent week. Why! Why? Why must it end as a corpse to be used as a cadaver?! But it shall not be without many a memories. Shall someone take a picture of the lobby to remember this once major server? Will the community join this week of mourning?

“Et tu Mojang?”
-PCB Classic

Maybe ill record some flybys of all the maps, send each c;ip on a flash drive, then upload them 1 by one and make a montage of the classic server…im gonna need a flash drive with a lot of space.

Would classic senior ops and ops have a better shot at mod/op since they were senior op/op? (excluding the mods+ that are ops/sops on classic obviously)

Would I have a chance at trusted at least? :stuck_out_tongue: My rank on Classic is Operator.

Just to let you know, I don’t know when/if the current version of MC classic will die out. As far as I can tell, they are saying that support will be pulled and no more updates. That does not mean the server will be forced to stop running.

I believe it will still run just fine. The server is hosted from my IP so you guys should have no trouble connecting. Even if they pull the “Server List” down, any visitors of PCB can get the IP.

You should be trusted…

Yes but our new users there would disappear. The only people capable of going on Classic would be the regulars. At that point, you would consider the Classic server to be on life support as no new users are coming on and only the regulars hop on once in awhile to play. Keeping it up for the nostalgia factor.

We have a Survival/Creative server which easily makes the Classic server obsolete by default. It was really nostalgic going on to the Classic server and seeing our first Big City, but at this point it’s all the Classic server really is, just nostalgia we revisit occasionally.

I’m all for keeping Classic up as long as possible, but once the plug is pulled from support and no new users flow in, that’s when I think we should drop it finally after all these years. Bringing it online once in awhile for us PCB’ers to nostalgia all over.

As for the Classic Ops, I’m all for making them Trusted if Classic’s days end. If they were trusted enough to moderate the place, then they’re trustworthy enough to be Trusted on the main server. But they’ll have to apply for Mod rank on the Survival server and get approval from the majority of staff.

This may be a long shot, but perhaps since I have an adequate amount of programming skill in Java and have worked with Bukkit, I may be able to continue development of MCForge. I’ll get in contact with the developers of MCForge and ask for the source.

EDIT: Turns out MCforge is open source. Time to get developing SkyForge. :3


This has happend before, I wondered when it would happen again and feared that day, but it isnt all doom and gloom, just because mcforge is moving on dosnt mean minecraft classic is. One day notch might pull the plug entirely but there are still a good 200 servers running classic with people on them, during high time this can be over a few thousand players.

We started on mclawl, moved to mcforge, tested with mcquai and abandoned by mcsharp, that dosnt mean that the server cant still run. If mcforge becomes a problem in terms of connection and hosting then there are a few alternatives, one of them that i found is not too far from home.

http://www.mcdawn.com/ , I downloaded this and had a look, its a fork of mclawl like mcforge but still has a dev team behind it currently. This could be a viable option if the need arises or even if kyle likes the look of it. Commands are based on mclawl with a few minor twists here and there, could be different to what most are used to but thats to be expected of a different development cycle.

We have a Survival/Creative server which easily makes the Classic server obsolete by default. It was really nostalgic going on to the Classic server and seeing our first Big City, but at this point it's all the Classic server really is, just nostalgia we revisit occasionally.

Since the servers got back up to ‘online visability’ scratch, ive often seen more people on classic then on the main server, this alternates but it shows that classic isnt just a nostalgia trip, its a home for those who love classic.

I don’t play classic, and I’m a bit confused - if you guys are hosting the server privately, and the clients are connecting via third-party launchers, why is it important for them to keep it alive? For login authentication?

The server dosnt run on a ip basis, instead it runs on a session ‘link’ to find the server (a link that is constantly updating). People go to the minecraft.net classic server list for this link, wom (and many other clients) cut out that need and pull links straight from this list as the servers ping the mine craft site, not the clients.

If that list were to go then the only way to connect to a server would be first; knowledge that its there, and second; an updated play session link from the owner of the server.

[Edit] The classic server survives on the fact that there is a open list in a dedicated place, people dont have to hunt around for the a list or ips.

Then all this doom and gloom is kinda for naught. All it means is we may transition to a new server software. This won’t affect any of you. Just me (and maybe a few commands).

Fatso, ya forgot we ran with McStorm for a while too.

I was worried that Notch was the one pulling service. I believe Notch is still responsible for managing the links that all servers connect to. That he creates the “server list” that WOM and every other client uses to find servers.

sorry, i ment mcstorm not mcsharp, mcstorm is the one that left us heart broken. we have never used mcsharp that i know of XD