What texture pack do you guys use?

Hey guys, just wondering what everybody uses. Please post the link to the texture pack, as well as a screenshot/picture.

I use BS Pack -


I sometimes use a custom painterly pack. I cant seem to save screenshots at the moment so i’ll direct you to http://painterlypack.net/ where there are pictures of the default. You can make your own if you wish.

I’m using the one your using goof, im making my own atm though

I use my own. Its still far from being done and I’m having alot of trouble with some of the textures. Can you guys tell me if its alright so far?

Ital, from the pictures, it looks pretty good. But there’s still quite a bit to be done.

Agreed it seems a lot of the textures are stock… I like cobble though… I would proba alt use it when you’re done :)… I currently use Cube Craft

Ooo, I’d be interested to see how Bigcity looks with everyone’s different texture packs!

Hmm… That gives me an idea. Maybe we should start a gallery of sorts of some of the different cities/towns- a different thread for each city, including different places, angles, times, and texture packs…?

Yeah this is a great idea and it might help others pick texture packs if they mostly work on a certain city… maybe we as a community should make our own texture pack?? :slight_smile:

Ital i liek your cobble, ic what u did thar ?_?

For bigcity I would recommend modern craft. I can’t post screenshots, as I think there was something conflicting with other mods I have, but if you want to know what its like, look for the Minecraft’s Edge Hardcore Parkour map.

Mixcraft 32x32 HD 4 lyf yo!
I’ve also used a steampunk texture pack, but can’t remember what it was called at the moment.

I agree with using Modernpack for BigCity. I saw it in the Minecraft Parkour video and was surprised how great it looks.

If I could figure out how to use one, I would probably use “Isabella”.

1: Download the texture pack.
2: Open Minecraft
3: Click on ‘Mods and Texture Packs’
4: Click on ‘Open Texture Packs folder’
5: Copy the texture pack into that folder.
6: Select the texture pack in the ‘Mods and Texture Packs’ list
7: Play!


Also to note: Leave it in the .zip package.