What should i do?

3 months to go and I’m a year here i wanna do something big i need some ideas. :wink:
Please post some ideas i could do i am out of ideas! 8)
idk what to doooo!

[move]~friendly greetings 05ocram05[/move]

make a giant exploding ocram statue and we blow it up

xD maybe but tnt doesnt explode tough?

nope, it needs to explode

Yeah it should definitely be something that explodes… but classic or cmp/smp?

Both i think

Ah well for classic I believe you should have a statue of yourself filled with TNT on the inside and an immense sign with fireworks or rainbow or something flashy that says ocram’s 1 year anniversary. For SMP you should host a party in ocram city and the guests can bring you anniversary presents and commend your loyalty or something.

last thing

cool. :slight_smile:

Cuz i like presents!

lol don’t we all. Presents are the bomb. Sometimes literally. :stuck_out_tongue: (hint for party goers: presents that explode. Nothing heats up a party like TNT!)