What OS do you use or plan to get?

Just a random thought once again XD What are u guys using as your computer OS?

I use Yosemite on My home computer (Macbook Pro) and will upgrade to el-capitan. Work computer I’m on Windows 10 developer preview cause I work in IT and am the test subject before its rolled out to other staff ;D

I use OS X at home and when running worship at my church (the church computer is still stuck on Snow Leopard - yuck). I also use Windows 7 at school and honestly try to avoid Linux as much as possible. It’s all fun and games until something breaks; I find that I often spend much more time configuring a Linux box than actually using it.

El Capitan and Windows 10 both sound like fun. Can’t wait for both ;D

I’m sticking with 7 till 10 has been out a while. Others can feel free to be the bug testers for me. In the meantime, most everything is compatible with 7.

I got this laptop yesterday. It’s on Win8. My PC was on Win8 as well.

Win7 4 lyf

I reserved a copy of win10, so I can upgrade whenever. Don’t know if I will though…

Yeah, not holding my breath for 10, I paid good moneys for my OEM disk of windows 7 thank you.

On my Macbook Pro I use Yosemite, But do plan to upgrade to El Capitan.
On my Gaming PC (7) and Surface Pro 3 (8 Pro) I plan to upgrade them both to Windows 10

Straight to 10, m8.


Linux Mint… LinuxMasterRace

I use Mint away from home… I carry it around on a flash drive on my keychain…

I also use it to gain admin privileges on Windows… Hmmm…


Nobody has Windows XP or Ubuntu…

RIP Ubuntu… RIP


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