what ive been up to lately

Quick version (on phone)

  1. Somehow picking up a brittish accent
  2. Helping people set up stuff
  3. Work
  4. General lazyness
  5. Late night gaming

Guarentee your “British” accent is not actually a British accent. More of a posh English one.

If you want some interesting British accents:
Generic Scotland
Generic Northern ireland
Generic Wales

They’re all quite different.

South West
Generic Northern
Generic Southern
Home Counties

I could keep going, but I won’t bore you with a never ending list.

The easiest way to picture UK accents is they get progressively less clear the closer to Glasgow you go (with the exception of Cockney, South West and Wales)

Sounds like the US. The further south, and towards the mountains you get, the less distinct each word is. Here there it’s southern, redneck, hillbilly, Yankee, Oakey, for the east coast accents

Haha, that’s surprisingly true. Still, you’ve got loads more accents, like
Posh Scottish (mainly from people around Edinburgh)
That strange accent that the kid with the squeaky voice has, but can’t be identified
I’d go on, but I don’t have enough time.