what is a "money account"?

i’ve seen people asking for "money accounts and i am confused at what they are. can someone please explain them to me?



What do you mean… Can I get the reason why you are asking the question?

There are multiple things that a “money account” could be.

Well to me it kind of seems like a bank account but I’m not sure. what i would like to do though is hold some of my in game money in a bank. However I’m not sure that’s what a money account is. I’m wondering what it is used for.

We don’t have a banking system on the server. We only have the regular balances.

prob ferrari … as soon as it’s about money it’s about ferrari?

Could just be an account multiple people have access to that has money stored onto it. Could be for projects or whatever reason, I dunno. And I don’t get the point of having a bank to store your money and shizzle anyway, it’s not like you can get mugged and stuff on the server.

An ALT account has been used by John, Meta and I before for the Farcoast treasury. You’d just need another Minecraft account.

Nope, not me this time.

Maybe you misread and someone said “money in my account” or something. Whatever it is, the only money holding system on the server is /money.

this is what i saw and was wondering what they are

Where was that?

If you didn’t cut out the rest of the image, we could help you better.

sorry… didn’t think to put where it was

it’s under the creative/survival server discussing, child boards, then economy.

Money account is the thing that your money is linked to. There was a problem a while back where accounts weren’t being generated for some players, meaning they couldn’t use things like /money pay (player) or receive money of other players.

I haven’t checked, but I’m pretty sure those topics are pretty old, that problem has long since been fixed.

August 23, 2011… Check dates of posts before raising a huff about them next time. Resolved Locked.