What if...

I may be a little crazy but I’ve been having flashbacks that are not exactly mine. Mine have been about fighting in a war and dying due to being shot in several different areas. (I.E. chest, side, legs, shoulders, arms, ect.) You may think “oh well i feel pain there too whats the big deal?” Well I am not very active, I participate in a marching band but thats about it. These pains are normally always associated with a “flashback” or maybe even a memory of my past life.

On with the subject, I’ve noticed that I have seen what appears to be a barren wasteland. I’m not talking about Fallout, the game, type wasteland, more like a deserty swamp type wasteland. Obviously i have not been to any kind of wars myself so i would have no idea what it would be like. The detail i remember it though is so vivid that it seems like i have been there in person, and yes you skeptics, it was in first person.

Have any of you guys had anything like this? Am i a little crazy? It just seems too vivid for me to fantasize about or to dream up. What do you guys think?

You’d be surprised to know that you aren’t the first person I know to have this happen. It hasn’t happened to me personally, but one of my best friends consistently has dreams where he’s in the Vietnam War. Nobody in his family has ever been drafted or been involved in anything War related and yet he dreams about being shot, watching others in action die before his eyes, etc. It must be crazy. He seems to think he was a war veteran who died too young in a past life.

I dont blame him. It is scary as shit. I went and got myself evaluated and i have minor ptsd because of it. Shits scarring

my buns hope you feel better :wink: