What has Minecraft given to you?

Well i took a test, and it was an OCD test. Minecraft has given me tons and tons and tons of fun, the catch was…it gave me a case of OCD… :slight_smile:

So, what has minecraft given to you?

Inspiration to move on in my technological lifestyle, beginning with a simple mod I moved up to computer-science, and In turn won lots of medals. Will post pic later.

Awesome friends.

wasting life :stuck_out_tongue:

quick question… what’s OCD?

more or less a second family, especially when i was having a hard time with life in general.

Interestingly enough when I first read this I told myself nothing, but that is far from true.

Wasting time is definitely one thing, but on the other hand there are plenty. More experience as a Java developer even if I have lost most of that useful knowledge since I don’t really I have time to practice it. I really should be making a currency converter for Android, but it’s hard to when you would rather do other things. I guess then balancing everything I have and then still getting a chance to help out is amazing, stress is good, it brings about more experiences! Working with others is huge, because honestly would never do that in school, because most of the time I can do it better myself. Even just getting the opportunity to volunteer in a meaningful way to a handful of people is fantastic. Seems I tend to appreciate what I have now more, and want unnecessary things less, you would think the opposite but my mentality has changed. Getting some real experience working with Linux in general too, like setting up Tekkit for that breif period of time, and testing plugins!

Overall it really has been fantastic, even as I play less and less, and sit and chat more and more. I know understand the want for an active IRC server.

Sorry for the wall of text :>

*points to mIRC

OCD is “Obsessive Cleanliness compulsive Disorder”

Minecraft has definitely given me a wonder family to come to. I love this community, and i would probably have quit minecraft if i never found a server like this. Minecraft has also given me a way to keep being creative. :slight_smile: It also probably gave me OCD, or at least worsened some of it that i had before. :stuck_out_tongue:

[edit] fatso12321- for the lulz and ocd

less money :stuck_out_tongue:

Laughed so hard.

a bigger waistline

A dig bick. :3

Creative outlet, getting to know some awesome people, fun, boredom beater/time waster.

New friends
Helping make something happen
Creative outlet
Time wasting
Both given me and saved me from boredom.

Haha, i think minecraft has given me OCD as well. I always have to have things virtual & real organized xD
But also unbelievable friends, something to do during my free time, an objective and massive confusion.
Well, okay that last part was Tekkit lol ^-^

An awesome second family,
A way to kill time,
A Distraction from schoolwork i’m usually supposed to do (like right now),
a way to channel my excessissve awesomeness and energy,
Enterntainment from a game on the pc that actually doesn’t suck,
And steve. Wonderful, wonderful steve.


I could not help but laugh at that despite how true it is. Perhaps because it is true?

To be honest, Minecraft itself has given me very little. PCB on the other hand has been amazing. MC is entertaining for a while on its own (getting better with updates) but what really keeps me here is the people. The forums themselves have been a learning experience and the server I run has been interesting as well. I really enjoy helping people or simply admiring their creativity/effort.

Ymb’s villa project is an example of the things I love to see. Same thing back in classic when Andy was recreating the TF2 maps. Amazing!

Knowledge of Lua… XD computerCraft