what happened.......

hi pcb,
im not shure how i got banned and i really want to come back on and join you all again ;D. i’m very sorry for what ever i did and I hope I can come back on

thanks for listening,

It might help if you use the correct post, you need to find the ban appeal forum. That way they don’t get mad at you wen they see this.

Please use this format:

Minecraft Username: simoes2000
Approximate Date of Ban: 31st October 2011
OP Who Banned You: Filipenis
Reason for Ban: Griefing
Reason You Should be Unbanned:
Server: Survival

I’v filled in what I can.

That was almost all of it. XD

I know.

As you have two theads and the other is in the correct format, this one will be locked.