What Game What Music

Here i have an video from an Wind orchestra playing Die Fledermaus Overture from Johann Strauss
Here is the question:

In what game is this music well know?

the first right answer will get 10 diamonds

I also want for people to make new questions like these after the one before it has been solved =D.

Good luck to all,

Hint: prob the a bit older members would know the game

Saints Row, I guess… :confused:

(I’d post a question, but I don’t have any nice prize or anything to give).

Nope it’s a game from before the 2008
at least not the one I’m searching for =)

Rollercoaster tycoon ;D

This is a tricky one. A version of this was featured in the cinematic trailer for a game. You will win one diamond or a stack of coal, your choice.

Ugh I know it but I can’t place it.


Assassin’s Creed Unity

cccccoooorreeect! Post your drop location and choice of prize

you 2 unless you want something from FTB =)

Someone put a New Question!

Easy mode (if you’ve played it)


Forza Motorsport 4 =P

Don’t know about that actually… But not the game I’m thinking of.

Saints row 3? That’s just the “Uh uh”

I’ll post another one if/when I think of it…

You can place the diamond in the chest above the fridge in my house in Farcoast. The house is near the Acacia Heights building, you can’t miss it.

Half-A-Stack o coal for this since it’s too easy.