What does ':v' mean?

Mount did a :v when we was playing survival with me, what does it mean?
Just curious, from what I’ve gathered it’s either ‘jk’ or ‘you don’t say’.

Please help >.<

everyone has a different idea about that.

That makes things worse. :-\

That’s why we have the INTERNETS xd

It is an emoji, like a laughing face similar to xD, or that is how I view it as!

Facebook used to change :v into this emoji
It’s honestly my favourite emoji and im so mad they removed it from FB.

im glad it was removed because now you have to suffer whenever you see :v

http://frankwest.xyz/ indicates it’s something like a “wah”

This is my new favorite site.

i just see :V as being like: well…


I can second this

I think it’s a ‘quack’ like a duck?

It’s somewhere between the two. There’s a soft R in there somewhere but no hard K at the end.

So it’s like a QUA?

No it’s more like a wu®ah

Woor (mixed oo and r???) - a



spent 5 minutes trying to say it outloud XD