What Does The Community Want ???

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I think the community wants to buy lots and lots of sandstone off of Whubilly10s Desert Mining Co.

I think you should add glass, as well.

a pixelmon server =D

no :smiley:


I want saddles for sale, as eventually we will run out of saddles on the server. Maybe spec could make a horse admin shop?

We definetly need a horse admin shop. I own eight horses. I also own one saddle.

i have 30 saddles xD

Yeah, but everyone else has none.

Actually saddles are the only thing my shop has for sale at the moment. I have a chest full and a double chest full at my house. I’d love for an admin shop so I can set my prices lower. If there’s a huge demand for saddles right now I’ll open my shop now with that being the only thing for sale.

I want clay. All the clay.

Needs more cowbell in that picture, therefore I reply with this:
Da Ork Song

:slight_smile: like ur thinking ORRR HEXXIT :smiley:

Sacred, Yomi and I REALLY want a Pixelmon server. its a TON of fun, has gotton me back into MC, and would be a nice addition i think

This has gone off topic.

How about selling hardened clay, wool and dye separately if there is interest for them all? That way people can choose what they want.

Ok so the votes are in… i will be selling Hardened clay and dyes. this way will be more efficient. than having the clay pre dyed. I will also be selling logs cheapest at the market for $30/64

Price List:
hardened clay $28/64
dyes $4-5/8 (Will dye 1 stack of clay)
logs $30/64
sticks TBC