What do you do with... Diamonds (#1)

Here is a new series of polls that I have begun, to let us know a bit more about everybody else. What do you do with your diamonds? :-\

I tend to just keep them till I feel very spoiled. Then I either give them away or make tools.

I really just make tools/enchanting tables and occasionally give em away :stuck_out_tongue:

le Diamond iz ez to find

make tools out of diamonds to find more diamonds to sell diamonds…

throw excess diamonds in lava

Well, ive never seen a diamond in the flesh; Sometimes i cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies.

Crafting. Blocks because they make me feel more rich even if they’re in chests.

I buy from other players, and then keep them/resell them

I currently have ~11 stacks of diamonds (~700 diamonds)

I grab a stack then just spew them directly upwards so i catch them again in an endless cycle of shiny fun :smiley:

I make it rain diamonds, and then pick them back up ;D