What do ya think of my video


Tell me what do ya think. Sry for the lag. Sub if you have youtube.

Too easy, you should make a REAL minigun :smiley:

Oh and get a better recording program. Preferably the FULL version of fraps. Which I just so happen to own and so happen to not be giving out unless your in the mile high club and have valid registration with an ID and preferably a somewhat fine expertise in the area of building and redstone.


Than check my other video too.

P.S. send me the likt to that recording program to my emil: [email protected]

Fraps sucks unless its the full version which you must pay for unless your smart enough to get around that…

Like I said join the mile high club then you MIGHT be able to get a discounted version ;3

i bet i could get a FULL FREE version… just saying. i don’t really believe in paying for things nowadays XD

But… but… wouldnt you rather get a full free version from somebody else who got the full free version for free?

nah ill just download it :stuck_out_tongue: