I logged on last Thursday and played for a while. I played for quite a long time because i just got banned for cutting down a tree that i wasnt supposed to cut down, but there was nothing indicating that. I had just added a friend to this server (recruited is more the word) and I tried to show him around and all the rules, but i was banned. I think i was banned for pillaring in the arena. It was an accident. Me 121wer and leothellama were fighting in the arena and we made stuff. We got rid of it, but my computer lagged like crazy and i may have destroy the wrong piece of dirt. It was an accident and im sorry. I think Goofmobber was the one who banned my.

You were banned for breaking down trees in the marketplace that had signs on them saying “DO NOT CUT DOWN” and for stealing a sign + chest from the Library.

Care to explain?

Indeed, I banned both of them for pillaring in the arena.

According to the banned list, he was banned by me, specialk, and Goofmobber for various reasons.

Specialk banned for cutting down trees that said “Do not cut down”.
I banned for breaking and looting items from the Library.
Goofmobber banned for pillaring the arena.

That to me looks like 3 strikes already. You’ll have to give us a REALLY good excuse if you want to be unbanned.

Ive talked to him. I gave him a second chance and so far he hasn’t screwed up.

[This message has exploded from rage]

Um, Hard? I gotta agree with Nek here. WHAT THE HELL?!

This guy is banned from an OP, a SOP, and an Admin. The only way he is getting unbanned is if each of these approves the unban. This kind of person does not get a 4TH chance!

sorry. I unbanned him before you guys posted about everyone banning hm. I thought goof banned him for pilaring in the arena and that’s it. Which je did explain. hhe hasn’t done anything bad since I unbanned him. But I am heavily watching his actions.

I banned him again. You may not unban him without approval from a rank higher than your own.

Ok. Sorry that i unbanned him. i didnt know that all of you guys banned him. i thought only goof did because he pillared in the arena

I talked to hard, and the tree was an accident, because i didnt see the sign, and the pillar also was an accident. the chests were when i had just started and didnt even know the rules, and somebody made me read them. I was going to return the chests, but they were stolen. im on probation is what i heard. Im really sorry. plus, the library i had heard was closed. I yhad never seen a person go into it once anyway.

I said probation, that was my word for being heavily watched. I did not know about the Library or the Tree incidents, I only knew about the Arena incident. I’m sorry mcculoch. But its up to the admins now.

The tree was a COMPLETE accident as i was also going to return the chests as they were stolen

Plus, i was a noob with no idea about the rules when the chests were stole. then when i tried to give them back when i found the rules out, they were gone. Im really sorry. I’ll also give back anything now that i can give it back.

Guys, im really sorry. The tree and pillar things were complete accidents and I didnt even know about the chest thing. PLEEEEAAASSEEE. I love this server! I REAAAAALLLY DONT WANT TO LEAAAVE!

We don’t like to buy the “I was new” excuse as things here are run under common sense. If you lack common sense then you don’t belong here.

You don’t take something that doesn’t belong to you without asking.
You don’t destroy things which are obviously there as decoration.

You took the sign and chest because you THINK someone doesn’t own it or live there?
You cut the tree in the Marketplace despite there being THOUSANDS of trees everywhere else?
You destroy a pillar in the arena by “accident?”

Let’s say you really were new and you really did all those things without honestly knowing. That would mean you lack common sense. You won’t last long in our server without it.

If you want to get unbanned then you’re going to need SpecialK and Goofmobber’s agreement to unban you for the respective incidents you were banned for.

You won’t need mine because I do notion for you to be unbanned and on heavy probation. Plus I’ll make Hard24get babysit.

Well, the pillar thing was what me, 121wer, and leothellama were doing. We were going to fight in the arena, and we all made pillars. Sadly, mine was never destroyed. As for the tree incident, I didnt see ONE sign that said do not cut down. I only cut down trees from random places, never next to the market place. Im never there anyway because it doesnt WORK. Finally, the chest thing. I indeed, was a new noob. Sadly if you dont belive me, im sorry but thats the truth.
Im really sorry and when im new to games, (adimittedly) im an idiot. Its true. =’{ PLEASE?

As I believe in second chances, I’ll agree to have him unbanned - but ONLY if he is under close supervision like Nek suggested for a while.

The last approval you need is from SpecialK. Your going to have to wait for his reply, but it seems your chances of an unban is far higher than I expected. I’m sure you won’t have to wait long.

I retract one of my previous statements about destroying a pillar. I had assumed you destroyed one in the Arena and neglected to fix it, I wasn’t aware you built a 1x1 (?) pillar and left it there. That sounds more forgiveable since it’s easy to fix.

why do you think I unbanned him… I mean I only knew about the pillar one at the time