What did i do wrong?

So today i logged in and im trainee op? i was wondering what i did wrong?

i have no clue what i did…and i have no clue who did it and for what reason.

can someone explain?

i think Kyle changed the names and permission of some of the titles. probably nothing you did, same rank, different name is all.

Kyle, please feel free to correct me if im wrong.

no i cant use /perbuild and it says im trainee…
it also said i cant build in my own map… "you must be operator to build in sword2

Really? Your posting this in the tutorial section of the site?

There are two reasons for the demotion. First, the only reason you did not stay as trainee OP for any time at all was because the rank was broken. The permissions were not working, so you could not do your job.

Second, is based on a report and chat log from Hard24Get. It clearly shows that you neglected two major issues that players needed an OP for. One, is the obvious spamming/griefing/harassing member of 33. The other, is the multitude of grief reports that really needed attention.

I don’t blame you for not seeing the issue at first, but you did start to respond to them. They clearly needed help, and you left them.

Oh, and Ferfer? Don’t say you can do reviews for people. It sounded like you were impersonating staff.

(15:40:06) SwordMaster_ used /cuboid air
(15:40:23) connected to the server.
(15:40:24) 4th3lulzp33ps [] has joined the server.
(15:40:36) SwordMaster_ used /cuboid air
(15:40:47) 4th3lulzp33ps used /rules
(15:40:51) 4th3lulzp33ps used /agree
(15:40:55) 4th3lulzp33ps used /players
(15:41:32) 4th3lulzp33ps used /goto guestcity
(15:43:31) 4th3lulzp33ps used /tp nacho
(15:44:02) who the hell messed with my house?
(15:44:32) i hate wen people do that
(15:44:48) what the hell are you doing
(15:45:22) huh??
(15:45:42) fuck u douche bag who destroyed my house
(15:46:15) need help fixin it??
(15:46:39) no this douche completely destroyed everything i
(15:46:44) built
(15:46:55) oh well f them
(15:46:55) 4th3lulzp33ps used /players
(15:47:06) <4th3lulzp33ps> You can thank Hard24get
(15:47:06) what does trolling mean??
(15:47:17) they suck
(15:47:29) 4th3lul is griefing me
(15:47:37) <4th3lulzp33ps> You can thank Hard24get
(15:47:37) fuck u 4th3lulzp33ps you fucking destroyed it
(15:47:44) <4th3lulzp33ps> You can thank Hard24get
(15:47:54) nachomaster927 used /fly
(15:48:03) PandaTacoNinja used /players
(15:48:03) SwordMaster_ used /zz
(15:48:09) Joshua790 used /goto guestcitybuild
(15:48:11) Swordmaster
(15:48:14) SwordMaster_ used /mode door_gold
(15:48:15) Joshua790 used /goto guestcity
(15:48:16) <4th3lulzp33ps> You can thank Hard24get
(15:48:21) SwordMaster_ used /mode door_gold
(15:48:25) your a fucking asshole
(15:48:28) SwordMaster_ used /physics 5
(15:48:28) Physics are now Doors-Only on theswordmasterz.
(15:48:47) SwordMaster_ used /portal air
(15:48:55) SwordMaster_ used /portal air multi
(15:49:07) SwordMaster_ used /goto sword2
(15:49:09) SAVED: Level “theswordmasterz”. (0/8/30)
(15:49:09) theswordmasterz was unloaded.
(15:49:14) <4th3lulzp33ps> You can thank Hard24get
(15:49:32) SwordMaster_ used /players
(15:49:46) SwordMaster_ used /goto theswordmasterz
(15:49:46) Level “theswordmasterz” loaded.
(15:49:53) <4th3lulzp33ps> You can thank Hard24get
(15:50:02) SwordMaster_ used /setspawn
(15:50:09) theswordmasterz was unloaded.
(15:50:20) SwordMaster_ used /goto theswordmasterz
(15:50:20) Level “theswordmasterz” loaded.
(15:50:24) i fucking hate your fucking guts you fucking ass
(15:50:29) SwordMaster_ used /spawn
(15:50:32) <4th3lulzp33ps> You can thank Hard24get
(15:50:39) SwordMaster_ used /setspawn
(15:50:45) well some1 angry
(15:50:47) no i can fucking thank you u asshole
(15:50:48) SwordMaster_ used /setspawn
(15:50:49) SwordMaster_ used /setspawn
(15:50:50) SwordMaster_ used /setspawn
(15:50:51) SwordMaster_ used /setspawn
(15:50:51) SwordMaster_ used /setspawn
(15:50:52) mastercookie0425 disconnected.
(15:50:52) minercookie123 was unloaded.
(15:50:53) SwordMaster_ used /setspawn
(15:50:54) SwordMaster_ used /setspawn
(15:50:54) SwordMaster_ used /setspawn
(15:50:55) SwordMaster_ used /setspawn
(15:50:55) SwordMaster_ used /setspawn
(15:50:56) SwordMaster_ used /setspawn
(15:50:56) SwordMaster_ used /setspawn
(15:50:57) SwordMaster_ used /setspawn
(15:50:58) SwordMaster_ used /setspawn
(15:51:00) SwordMaster_ used /spawn
(15:51:14) theswordmasterz was unloaded.
(15:51:23) you need help
(15:51:26) <SwordMaster_> what?
(15:51:29) hey josh this is the asshole who destroyed my ho
(15:51:30) i do
(15:51:35) house
(15:51:38) SwordMaster_ used /tp nacho
(15:51:43) <4th3lulzp33ps> You should use a different server. This one sucks
(15:51:48) <4th3lulzp33ps> You can thank Hard24get
(15:51:53) 4th do you need help
(15:51:55) <4th3lulzp33ps> 33 sir.
(15:51:57) you should stop being an asshole
(15:52:01) <4th3lulzp33ps> 33 sir.
(15:52:10) 33?
(15:52:12) SAVED: Level “guestcity”. (5/7/30)
(15:52:12) SAVED: Level “epicbunny111”. (1/7/30)
(15:52:18) <SwordMaster_> whats going on?
(15:52:18) That is the douche who just griefed us
(15:52:21) <4th3lulzp33ps> Yes, ask hard24get
(15:52:21) yes
(15:52:28) Joshua790 used /cuboid air
(15:52:36) connected to the server.
(15:52:37) ferfer313 [] has joined the server.
(15:52:39) ill help if u need
(15:52:41) Joshua790 used /cuboid air
(15:52:41) Hello
(15:52:43) <SwordMaster_> wtf is going on?
(15:52:44) ferfer313 used /players
(15:52:53) OH YAY!
(15:52:53) <4th3lulzp33ps> Ask hard24get.
(15:52:57) Well you can help me by BANNING HIM
(15:52:58) SwordMaster_ used /cuboid air
(15:52:59) <4th3lulzp33ps> Tell him 33 sent you.
(15:53:07) There is someone named PandaTacoNinja :smiley:
(15:53:11) SwordMaster_ used /cuboid air
(15:53:11) Joshua790 used /cuboid grass
(15:53:18) 4th3lulzp33ps used /players
(15:53:19) SwordMaster_ used /fixgrass
(15:53:19) I love pandas :smiley:
(15:53:29) SwordMaster_ used /fixgrass
(15:53:37) ferfer313 used /goto ferfer_villa
(15:53:37) Level “ferfer_villa” loaded.
(15:53:42) PandaTacoNinja used /players
(15:53:46) <4th3lulzp33ps> Yes, ask hard24get
(15:53:46) Will soemone get an SOP+ please?
(15:53:51) SwordMaster_ used /tp panda
(15:53:53) <4th3lulzp33ps> You can thank Hard24get
(15:53:56) nacho
(15:54:02) yes
(15:54:04) you looking for this
(15:54:09) yes
(15:54:15) its over here
(15:54:22) 4th3lulzp33ps used /tp sword
(15:54:26) 4th3lulzp33ps used /tp sword
(15:54:36) ferfer313 used /cuboid grass
(15:54:36) 4th3lulzp33ps used /tp sword
(15:54:41) 4th3lulzp33ps used /tp sword
(15:54:44) Seriously?
(15:54:52) <SwordMaster_> idk what your missing
(15:54:59) that guy is a real asshole
(15:55:01) ferfer313 used /goto ferfer313
(15:55:01) Level “ferfer313” loaded.
(15:55:01) <SwordMaster_> a dog cat build?
(15:55:04) SAVED: Level “ferfer_villa”. (0/8/30)
(15:55:04) ferfer_villa was unloaded.
(15:55:07) <4th3lulzp33ps> ?
(15:55:08) plz
(15:55:08) Im worried :frowning:
(15:55:14) yup griefers are anoying
(15:55:16) ferfer313 used /help list
(15:55:20) <4th3lulzp33ps> Hard23get is an asshole.
(15:55:20) ferfer313 used /help lists
(15:55:29) <SwordMaster_> me?
(15:55:39) 4th3lulzp33ps used /players
(15:55:44) ferfer313 used /help kick
(15:55:47) :frowning:
(15:55:59) Well you just asked what was missing so … yeah
(15:56:00) <4th3lulzp33ps> Looks like he has dumbass operators as well. lol.
(15:56:11) <4th3lulzp33ps> Let me help you sword.
(15:56:19) <SwordMaster_> im the asshole
(15:56:20) ferfer313 used /kick 4th3lulzp33ps You called a senior-op and ass-whold
(15:56:20) 4th3lulzp33ps kicked (You called a senior-op and ass-whold).
(15:56:30) no
(15:56:31) *an
(15:56:35) whole
(15:56:38) :smiley:
(15:56:41) <SwordMaster_> hole

(15:56:47) LOl :smiley:
(15:56:48) He just greifed me and another person
(15:56:57) <SwordMaster_> i have no clue whats going on
(15:57:00) ferfer313 used /help tb
(15:57:18) <SwordMaster_> any other op+ will be the same way
(15:57:32) ferfer313 used /tempban 4th3lulzp33ps 120
(15:57:40) ferfer313 used /tp Panda
(15:57:42) ferfer313 was unloaded.
(15:57:58) <SwordMaster_> who?
(15:58:06) WHO DO YOU THINK?
(15:58:18) ferfer313 used /help 10
(15:58:19) <SwordMaster_> …you mum?
(15:58:20) plz NO1 GREIF HOW HARD IS THAT?
(15:58:24) thanks josh
(15:58:26) ferfer313 used /topten 5
(15:58:27) :smiley:
(15:58:37) Joshua790 used /cuboid gold
(15:58:47) ferfer313 used /tempban 4th3lulzp33ps
(15:58:52) Joshua790 used /mode water
(15:58:54) <SwordMaster_> …
(15:59:03) <SwordMaster_> gtg be on tomorrow
(15:59:08) SwordMaster_ disconnected.
(15:59:09) Bye sword
(15:59:11) ferfer313 used /players
(15:59:12) …:slight_smile:
(15:59:13) Joshua790 used /mode water
(15:59:13) Wow just wow
(15:59:18) Ok
(15:59:21) nachomaster927 used /mode water
(15:59:26) Seriously?
(15:59:28) NOw Im the most powerfull player on
(15:59:35) lol
(15:59:39) That is how you treat griefer’s?
(15:59:40) If you need a review, call me

kyle i had rp chat on…

well, sword, this is sad. The point of being Op is to help those in need, not use the commands. You did seem apathetic to the issues around you.

As I said Sword, I get that you probably did not see the stuff going down early on. But from the point:
(15:51:26) <SwordMaster_> what?
(15:52:18) <SwordMaster_> whats going on?
(15:52:43) <SwordMaster_> wtf is going on?

You knew something was wrong. I actually don’t know what RP chat is, but staff really should listen to issues when they are on. They way you left them was in very poor taste. It shocked even the griefer…

look, as appaling as this looks, im sure we have all done something really stupid when we first got this promotion. i know that i personally still do stupid shit all the time. this is a job where you learn as you go. there is no manual how to do it, and certainly is hard at times. the stupid ‘griefer war’ we are having atm isn’t helping issues either, but it will help us grow to be better operators on Classic.

Rp chat shuts off all the chat, apart from what is in that map. Localised map chat.

I agree with shadow. Although, sword should still be trainee anyway, but was promoted early due to permissions problems. Don’t think of it as a demotion, but think of it as you are still ‘training’ for op. Mistakes like this will help you from doing it in the future.

I’m surprised he has not written here yet. I spoke with Sword in length about this incident. I somewhat suspected it, but he was forced off the PC by his father. His abrupt leave makes a little more sense now.

I also now know what RP is. He really could not hear a single thing being said by anyone else. It’s true he knew there was a problem once he left his map, but he did not have the time to help. He left his map cause he was already leaving.

We really should not use RP unless we know another OP is around to help. It essentially shuts off the rest of the maps from your own. I think this whole mess would have been avoided with that off.

Could we alter permissions for that command to admin to completely remove any possibilities of this happening again?

We can, but I wonder if we should. It lets staff get some privacy if they need it. I guess only “Staff Maps” should need this though.

Also, I’m curious about what text IRC can see. Does it see OP Chat? It clearly does not see whispers, but what of RP maps?

Ok, I will change it. One thing though… What is the name for it in the command list?

Nothing goes by “/map chat” which is the command I had to use to turn it off. The command “map” is set at guest right now. Is that the one I need to change?

Its /rp as far as I know? or maybe /mapchat without the space? The guest thing could be reffering to a number of things, such as /pervisit possibly. It’s difficult to know. Fatso might have an idea, me and him used it quite a bit for a failed alien bombardment of a city video xD

/map chat changes the chat on that map from all maps to ONLY that map… MAP! XD
/rp is ‘restart physics’.

There are limitation to some commands. /map chat for example is sop+ (right?)

but like uhhh idk umm /map grow or what not its guest

the command /map is guest. some of the commands like map chat is limited so guests cannot use /map chat

/map is for guest, but /map [types] is for ops. Types are those listed in /map, but the op can alter it. Unsure if its possible to change the permissions for the map types.

I don’t think we should change the map permissions, because some of it are actually useful.

Copied from MCLawl Command List :

map [Guest+] - Views all the map information for the current map.
Advbuilder- may only view the data.
OP+ may modify :
[list][li]theme - sets what theme the map follows (useless right now).[/li]
[li]finite - toggle: determines whether all flowing blocks on the map acts like finite_water.[/li]
[li]ai - toggle: determines whether or not animals chase/kill players.[/li]
[li]edge - toggle: determines whether or not the water at the edge of th map will flow or not.[/li]
[li]ps [10-2147483647] - determines how fast physics updates (standard = 250) (lower = faster, higher = slower).[/li]
[li]overload [500-2147483647] - determines how many updates are needed for physics to shutdown (standard = 1500).[/li]
[li]motd - sets the MOTD for the map, which users will vie when entering.[/li]
[li]death - toggle: determines whether or not falling to your death and drowning in water are possible.[/li]
[li]fall [-2147483648-2147483647] - determines how far one must fall to die.[/li]
[li]drown [-214748363-214748363] - determines how long one can stay in water or lava before dying.[/li]
[li]unload - toggle: determines whether the map will unload when “Load on /goto” is enabled[/li]
[li]rp - toggle: determines whether certain blocks are re-activated when physics are turned on (like zombies and birds).[/li]
[li]instant - toggle: makes every block change “instant” by not updating player’s screens. The player must use /reveal to see changes made.[/li]
[li]killer - toggle: basically a map-wide invincibility.[/li]
[li]chat - toggle: determines if level only chat is on.[/li]