What a Weekend

So this weekend I had my first kinda major band show with my new band, a tattoo in Birmingham, and it was fricking epic! I got to play along side the famous Irish Guards with their amazing bearskins and also the band of the Jordanian army, who were… lets say a bit weird. I’m writing this after having 4 hours sleep from 2 days so if it doesn’t make sense then you know why.

The band met at the band hall at 7am and had to load the coach and trailer and we set off for about 8am.

We arrived at the massive arena for about 12 and went straight into rehearsal which was quite scary considering that professional musicians were watching us, It went ok and after that we did the massed bands rehearsal.

The show started at 6pm (a lot of waiting around was had, my feet were absolutely killing) and at 7:07pm the curtains opened and we performed, it went surprisingly well.

After that we had the massed bands grand finale, and to be honest it was torture, standing still for about an hour when you have been on the go since 7am is very tiring, but I soldered through and finished about 21:00

After this we got to the hotel and this is where the fun really happened, someone was celebrating their birthday so we all went to the bar, and guess what? They weren’t asking for ID, so I may have got a bit drunk, and stumbled up to bed at about 1:30.

Then at about 3:15 the FIRE ALARM went off… I got dressed quickly and went to the fire escape where everyone was to realize that someone had been smoking in their room. We got back into our room about 15 minutes later and the alarm was still going off,

Then at about 4:15am someone knocked on my door… asking if I had any spare sugar. At this point I realized that I was not going to sleep at all, considering that my room-mate was the king of all snorers,

I eventually got about 3 hours sleep, got up to go in the shower and there was no hot water, so I went for breakfast, and then boarded the coach with 57 very tired people, we arrived for our second show,

We had a small rehearsal and was watched by some other members of another youth band, they seemed quite impressed and after the reharsal we got ready and did our performance, this performance was much more nerveracking, there was more people watching and some peoples parents, and even another youth band from just down the road, luckily it went even better than the night before.

After this I had an (absolutely terrible) lunch of chicken and hash browns, and the massed bands then wowed the crowds and it was all finished, we packed up the coach and trailer and set off, and our band director announced that we had won best band in the whole tattoo! an amazing achievement considering that there were 3 PROFESSIONAL bands alongside us, I got home at about 21:30 and it’s fair to say I’m not going to get some sleep.

Hope you enjoyed reading my story :stuck_out_tongue:

the royal marines band

The Irish Guards as in the household division, the guys who stand outside buckingham palace, their band, they were awesome.

I’m trying to find a decent picture of all my band and the other bands

Nice billy! You did especially well considering you had 3 hours of sleep out of the 48 hours you were on the run. And exactly how old are you? xD But congratulations on your success and hopefully you get more big breaks like this. (Only next time you actually get an adequate amount of sleep.)

Very nice and congrats whu!

Haha, sounds like a crazy night. Lol, sugar?

Do you have a video of your band? Or was the attached video yours?

I’m 17 lol, and next year we are going to Sweden, Germany and France and Holland to take part in the World Championships.

The attached video is about half of the actual routine I found it last night I could probably find a better video soon

Huh, guess you already had more success planned. :stuck_out_tongue: And 17?! Man you’re lucky. Somehow ya got through. You know those bouncers are SO tough. Can smell an under aged drinker a mile awayyy. :stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding. But hey, how long has your band been together?

There were no bouncers it was a hotel lobby bar lol, I only recently joined this band 2 months ago but they have been going for 60 years now

Well the age limit is only 18 over here so its kinda hard to tell sometimes.

I'm 17 lol, and next year we are going to Sweden, Germany and France and [b]HOLLAND[/b] to take part in the World Championships.


if you look younger than 25 you get asked for ID, but not one person was asked.

I feel… special. facepalm

And you have amazing luck. Must’ve smuggled a leprechaun into your carry-on or something.

Oh and 60 years?! They must be like 100 years old! xD

Just what do you mean by the word tattoo? As in the permanent body art? I think there may be a different meaning here.

Awesome story bro. Glad you had fun. Don’t drink too much!

Well basically it used to mean a military drum performance but now it means a military performance. The night consisted of a few 11 minute shows and at the end the massed bands and all the cast march on for the grand finale where we played sunset, the evening hymn, the lone piper, and then march off again.

The band was formed in 1952 and had 2 members, it now has just under 70.

if you look younger than 25 you get asked for ID, but not one person was asked.
And not a single fuck was given that night XD

but hey congrazzles Whu

Sounds pretty hectic xD

Welcome to every pub type club in Britain that accepts groups of school kids for organised parties ever. One of my friends photocopied his passport, and changed the 95 on his date of birth to a 94, and it was accepted. He edited it in paint. Then at every other 6th form party no one asks for id usually anyway. Them classy club owners.

Basically Shadowmeire England is f*****.

ah. Once again… I feel… i feel… extra special.

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