We're going to be livestreaming this Thursday!

Me and a few other people (all of PFTV, sipjca, friends) are going to be having a LAN party, and we’re going to be playing tons of games, including Minecraft and Terraria. If you guys want to tune in, maybe we’ll join the server and derp around. This is going to be somewhere around 20 hours long, so there’s really no start/end.

Start Time: 5PM - PDT (Pacific)
5PM - MDT (Mountain)
7PM - CDT (Central)
8PM - EDT (Eastern)
1AM - BST (UK, Portugal)
2AM - CEST (Western Europe)
3AM - EEST (Eastern Europe)
5:30AM IST (India)
8AM WST (Western Australia)
9AM JST (Japan)
9:30AM CST (Central Australia)
10AM EST (Eastern Australia)

Finish Time: Sometime the next day

Date: Thursday May 31[sup]st[/sup]/Friday June 1[sup]st[/sup]

Here’s where the stream’s gonna be: http://www.twitch.tv/pieflavortv

Join us and have some fun!

Games we’ll be playing: Minecraft, Terraria, BF3, Halo 1 CE, COD4, League of Legends*, Starcraft 2*, WoW*

*= not as much as the other ones

Wait your playing World of Warcraft? :smiley: one of my happiest days before I found out about MC xD

5pm what timezone?

Ah sorry bout that. Pacific - PST i think.

Cool, I’ll add some conversion to the 1st post :slight_smile:

Nice conversions! I love that format for times.


Just wanted to let everyone know that we’re going to be giving away a premium minecraft code! So for those of you wishing to join us on smp - here’s your chance!

Also I will be joining around 6-6:30 tonight, this is mostly to let goof know since I already unplugged my computer.

I won’t be able to join until around 6 in the morning. Have fun though kicking off the new month.

Whoever is bloodydoctor is bad ass at starcraft 2. From what I saw, he was amazing with protoss. Who was that that did not recognize any of the units? He was asking what an Ultralisk was and a Banshee. I think he was running his units by the enemy without attacking. Ah!

Still, you won that match. Lots of blink stalkers!

That would be Mike, and he just told me that he sucks XD

Yep, still watching! And I don’t blame you for not knowing the units. I just watch a lot of starcraft matches on youtube. I never watch new players, so that was new to me.

Ah, so it was starcraft I was watching? xD I was just looking at a clusterfuck of death and glowing stuff. (In a good way)

EDIT: Wait no, its LoL. xD


There is really nothing interesting going on right now so we stopped it for now

I can’t believe i missed this. I never even saw the topic. DX